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10 October 2009 @ 01:52 pm
The Dream chapt 3  

The first thing that hit me was the disgusting stench. The unpleasant smell I hated since young. The "doctor" smell. Oh well. Or the "hospital" smell. Whatever. I hated visiting the clinic, let alone being admitted into the hospital. I forced my eyes opened and wrinkled my nose. "Ack!" I murmured silently. My nose felt sore. My whole body felt sore. How long had I been lying here? I blinked a few times, adjusting to the piercing light above me. This hospital sure don't use energy saving bulb! I complained lamely to myself. At that moment, something struck me. My hand was wrapped around someone else's hand. That's why it feels so feverish, while other parts of me felt a little cold. I couldn't make out who was the person, considering the fact that the figure was sitting at the far end of my bed. I tried to move that hand, but to no avail. The person was gripping it to tightly that his palms were sweating. "He..ll..llo?" I croaked. Only it sounded like, "aleo." And at that moment, his head sprang up and he screamed, " OMYGOD, DOCTOR!! DOCTOR!!!" And that was when I realised I was holding the blanket in a vice-like grip. And my body was... shaking. Yes, literally. The figure bent forward, causing his scented breath to fan on my face, while blocking the annoying light. Even with the close distance between his face and mine, I still couldn't make out who is he. My vision was blurred, and my heart was thumping harder than ever, probably due to the shocked I suffered from his scream just now. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I scared you. Didn't mean to... " he whispered.
"Nay, itz... o...kah." I replied. Sounding like... a frog?
"How are you feeling, MiEn? The doctor is coming to check on you..."
"My vision is blurred..." I mumbled.
"Oh, probably because you slept for so long."
"How long?"
"A day or so."
My eyes widened. Or so it feels like it is widening as I can't feel a thing.
"I was in a ...coma?"
"No." Silence.
"Then what?" I asked slowly.
"I asked the doctor to make you sleep deeply, sorry. Sorry sorry..." he apologised like there was no tomorrow.
"Huh, but why?"
"To take your mind off things, MiEn..." he sighed.
"Think carefully about how you ended up here."
My mind started replaying things, like an old ancient footage. The only difference was, it was on rewind.
"Oh. Oh, oh, oh."
"Mmm, so...yea."
"And erm, oh, so who are you?"
Before he can reply, at that so not favourable moment, the doctor rushed in. I made a face.
"I'm sorry Mr Jungsoo, I'm afraid you need to leave your girlfriend alone for awhile. We need to run some tests." the doctor said.
Huh? Jungsoo? With me??? And...what was that he said? GIRLFRIEND?!!!
"Ahh. Doctor er wait.." before i could continue, the nurse beside the doctor pushed Jung Soo out of the ward.
Aish. I bit my lip in annoyance.

After the tests were done, the doctor went out. I was sitting straight up on the bed, eyeing the door. I want to throw questions at Leeteuk when he comes in.
A moment later, the door opened. However, it wasn't Leeteuk that came in. It was ShunHo. She hurriedly rushed to my side and rattled words of concern. "You okay? I'm sorry. I'm supposed to be with you. But anyway this morning when I came in to your ward I saw Leeteuk holding your hand, asleep. I didn't want to disturb so I just went out. But later when I came back Leeteuk was outside your ward looking abit... I don't know. Weird. Like he swallowed a cow or something. He told me the doctor was running some tests on you and yes, so I waited for you. You feeling alright? You slept a lot."
I blinked.
Wow, Shunho really raps.
"Oops. I'm sorry. I yea, I talk like that. Hehe."
"Oh oh, it's okay, really, I just... kind of shocked. Haha." I waved her apology away.
"Hmm, so how are you feeling?" She reached up to feel my forehead, then my hands. "Woah, your hands feel feverish while your forehead is normal. What does that mean?" She widened her eyes.
"It means that Leeteuk clutch people's hands so tightly. Urgh." I answered, frowning irritatedly.
ShunHo froze.
I glanced up at her. "What's the matter?"
Slowly, ShunHo eyebrows started rising. Then, it drooped. After a second, her eyes started bulging, glimmering excitedly, dancing away.
I stared at her, frightened. "Erm ShunHo, are you okay? Omg, what's the matter?" I shook her a little.
"OH. MY GOD." She separated each word distinctly and looked at me. Meaningfully. She looked at me like I'm suddenly having 3 eyes and 5 mouths.
"KIM. MI. EN."
"What the hell. WHAT?!!"
"Li Shun Ho, may I know why are you blabbering some stuff that are downright weird to me? What lucky?!! I fainted, hit my brain real hard and that's lucky? Ew."
"No, I don't mean that, Mi En. I mean... oh my god. Leeteuk HELD YOUR HAND FOR LIKE AT LEAST FREAKING 3HOURS. I mean, that's how long I was gone. But well, I assumed he was holding on to your hand the whole time I was gone. And how can an idol do that so easily to people like us? It simply means that..."
"Means WHAT."
This time, it was me who was silent. I couldn't hear ShunHo anymore. My mind was just boggling. Yes, Leeteuk held onto my hand...at first when I thought about it, I thought he was just doing it because...because of what? I suddenly realised I didn't thought about it at first. Now that I think about it...wow. My idol actually...actually cared for me? He carried me to the ambulance despite being stopped, took care of me in the hospital...and told the doctor I was his girlfriend? Okay, maybe the last part is till abit puzzling, but yeah, he really...cared for me. But why? He couldn't possibly...like what Shunho said, like me?!!
I started hyperventiliating. I grabbed ShunHo's hands and screamed. "LI SHUNHO!! OMYGOD!!! AHHH~!!! LEETEUK CARED FOR ME!!! WOW THIS IS SIMPLY...AHH!!" I dropped her hands and jumped down from the bed. "Woahhhh~~!!! Wooohooo~~~!!" I ran in circles around my ward crazily, like a escape patient from a mental hospital. I spreaded my hands out as if flying, and just made weird noises non-stop. "Oooh!! Ahhh~~ yayyy~~!!"