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11 October 2009 @ 12:31 am
No proper title yet, I'm still working on it~ The Mistake
this would be like a 2-3 chapters thing. LOL. It's just a sudden urge for HanChul♥
what are the odds of them getting married? T_T I want a Hanchul-a-day comm thing D: They are lacking. As in pictures. Not much of HanChul D: WHY T_T 

Heechul stirred a little in his otherwise peaceful slumber, as Han Geng sat beside his bed, gazing at him fondly, eyes never bearing to leave his beautiful face, not even for a second. The desire bursting and growing in the china man’s chest, was overwhelming. He wanted to be lying next to the older man, stroking his milky hands back and forth, laying his head on the older man’s lean chest, listening to his heartbeat, that awfully melodious sound, like a musical note strummed perfectly on the guitar. His heartbeat is all Han Geng wanted to hear for the past few disgusting weeks. The days without this pretty boy were hard. Even when Siwon was there with him, it seemed fine from the outside, but the china man wasn’t satisfied, he dreamed, wished, desired for the taste of Heechul’s lips, the tip of that sexy tongue, licking his own, in rhythm to those long, sweet frenching sessions that Han Geng silently craved for every night.   But he knew, he knew jolly well if he were to do just that, to lay down next to that immortal body now, he might as well be dead. If Heechul were to wake up and find the younger boy next to himself, he’ll do something drastic, something dramatic, something out of the world that no one thought he could do (except Han Geng of course), and then when he realized he had done it, he would break down, he would cry, he would end up being hurt, upsetting himself.


That was the last thing Han Geng would want, or would ever allow for that matter, Heechul to do. If something were to make that pretty boy unhappy, it would anger him too. So Han Geng had to bear with whatever cravings he had. No matter how overpowering and devilishly strong they are, he needed to restrain.


“Ya~..” the china man heard Xi Che moaning softly, weakly, which only happens when his darling Xi Che feels like dying, with no energy left in that sexy body, and that happens even lesser than a blue moon. It was a frenzied moment as Han Geng fussed over the older one, feeling his limbs, his body, for any signs of increasing temperature. He did this silently, without a single sound coming out of his lips-he was terribly good at that anyway-.


“YA!” Han Geng stumbled a little backwards as he let the small little hanky he was holding fall onto the floor, staining the floor with ice water. He kept his eyes on the hanky, refusing to look at the source of that sound. Heechul wasn’t moaning. He was saying “ya”, as in “hey”, only with Heechul, it was something more like, “HEY YOU!” in an absolute unfriendly way, in Han Geng’s case. Though Heechul was running an unbelievably high fever, the china man guessed it didn’t hurt a lot to yell at a state like this. After all, he’s Heechul, that epic guy. Han Geng was still silent as he stared at the floor, ashamed.


“You…” Heechul was saying that in mandarin, much to the china man’s amazement. At times like this, it usually mean that Heechul is trying to express that he would meant what he was about to say and hence warning Geng never to doubt his words.


The bed sheets ruffled a little, reacting to Heechul’s failed attempt at getting up. Han Geng panicked as he reluctantly raised his eyes.


“I’ll go, I’ll go out okay? Don’t get up. Stay in bed. I won’t come in. I’m sorry. I love you,” it came out in a rush, because he knew if he were to speak slowly, before he could even finish forming his lips to say the second word, Heechul would have pinned him onto the floor, and slaughtered him. He backed towards the door slowly, reversing, since he wasn’t going to let his eyes drop from Heechul’s gaze. (he need to be on his guard anyway) When he felt the door knob, he hurriedly turned it, and when the door was pushed aside, he finally felt it was ready to turn. Taking in an incredibly huge amount of oxygen, he puffed his cheeks and held it there.






TURN, RUN! Ahh there, he made it out of his room. Wasn’t that just so easy? But still he didn’t smile. Everything was his fault after all. Aish, could this get anymore complicated?


As Han Geng tapped his fingers on the table top in the living room, he thought, he planned. Should it be something like…


“Heechul ah. Yah, I’m a man, I do what I want!”

No he couldn’t do it. It was too harsh for those delicate ears. And furthermore it definitely wasn’t Han Geng’s sentiments.

How about…


“Love… you’re my life. Let me kiss you now.”

Ah no, that was completely irrelevant.


Geng’s mind was on a storm. He was knackered, confused and awfully exhausted from so much thinking, so much planning. He started to stand, but gave up on those droopy lids. He sat back down and slumped onto the floor, slipping into a similar slumber Heechul has had just now.

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