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17 October 2009 @ 01:10 am
The Mistake chapt 2  
Hankyung awoke to the sounds of smashing and slamming of what seems like furnitures in the other room. He licked his lips dry from the little drools that formed around his mouth and sat upright, adjusting to the surroundings.

Oh yeah...
he remembered falling asleep as soon as his heavy head came into contact with the coffee table. And he had been laying there, in his peaceful little nap for the past...
glancing at the clock, it was 6 in the evening.
ah, he had been sleeping for the past 3hrs, after Heechul had chased him out of the room by threatening to get up from the bed.
And so the noises now from the room, seems quite reasonable, since it was natural of Heechul to take things out on furnitures and objects, espcially those that were in his room, rather than people, since the only person in the house right now was Hankyung, and the china man could quite see that Heechul would rather bite his own head off (like that is possible ) than lay a finger on the china man, since he could feel the boiling anger and hatred producing from that sexy body of Heechul's towards him. And Heechul won't touch someone he didn't like, because they were what he deemed, "dirty".
Hankyung flinched at the thought. How could Heechul think he was dirty. In the first place how did he end up in this situation, whereby the only love of his life was hating every fibre of his being? He grimaced, hard, at the floor, at himself, at the stupidity of the whole incident, and the condition and state that he was in.

It wasn't Heechul's fault, really. It wasn't one of his moody days, since he was smashing furnitures instead of pushing Hankyung hard on the bed and sexing him up.
This time it was different.
The moodiness wasn't caused by his mood-swings, but by Hankyung, the china man that he love, he adore, dearly, in his exceptionally tight and narrow chest that isn't open just to anyone.
Heechul had given anything, and everything he has, and takes pride in, to Geng. And has also given up stuff he never thought he could to the younger man too. Like his status of a straight man, and his virginity.
He didn't even mind the despise of his parents in the beginning, when they found out he was in love with a man, instead of a woman. (but anyway they accepted it in the end of course)
But this time, it was the first and last straw he could bear. This time it wasn't mood-swings that caused the anger in him. It was Geng who let him down, disappoint him so hard he couldn't believe this was the man he was so in love with. When Geng came back from Super Girl promotions in China, he had headed straight back to dorm and have had some heavenly sex in Heechul's room. Heechul was gasping for air, was gaping at Geng, staring at him like he had a third eye. Because it was unsual of Geng to be the one who initiate it first. For some weird moment, Chul had thought that maybe Geng inherited the mood-swings from him, and similarly the only remedy was sex with Heechul.
But how absolutely , absurdly, totally wrong he was.
When they have had their fill, when Heechul was satisfied and pushed Geng aside roughly to ask him to stop, he had sat up and questioned Geng absent-mindedly about what was wrong with him that he didn't even bother to say hi to the other members before coming in and giving Chul what Chul missed badly these 2months of SJ-M's promotions. And Geng had confessed, and Chul had flipped, and everything just unfolded like that, with Chul falling sick right after, diagnosed with a unbelievable high fever, and Geng trying to hard to make amends, but he just couldn't with Chul rejecting again and again.

Geng sighed. He hurried on his feet and paced towards the door. Kicking it opened, he stared wide-eyed at the mess the older man made. It was even worse than the last time Chul had done this. And the older man still couldn't stop. He was still smashing stuff. Some Korean book, and then a CD case, then a flower... (howthehell did a flower get into his room lol) Hankyung ran forward and grabbed Heechul's arms, locking them in a vice like grip and pinned them to his sides.

"Get a grip on yourself, Xi" Hankyung whispered, though his voice was trembling, because he knew he had no right to stop Heechul, since he was the one that caused this.
Heechul's eyes were on the floor, with bits of his hair falling limply around his face.

"Let. GO."


"I said. Let. Go."

"I said no."

"WTF I SAID LET GO!!!" Heechul snapped his head up in an awkward flip and stuggled out of Geng's grip when Geng realised his Xi was actually crying. Kim Heechul was CRYING. His face was totally wrecked, with eyes so damn puffy, you can stuff a whole bunch of flowers inside.

"Oh goodness... Xi Che... I... I... oh, don't cry baby." Geng had let go of his hands.
Heechul balled his fists and unballed them to push the china man roughly on the chest, sending Geng half flying towards another corner of the room, the result of some immense strength Xi had, hidden under his slim body.

"It's over. You treat me like a game, I shall treat our relationship like one too. The game is over, and you lost." Heechul spat those arrow-like words at Geng, struggling to keep his expression from getting too torn.

"No, Heechul, no, it was just a fling, a fling!!! One-night-stand!! That was all!!"

"A fling? One-night-stand?!!! Oh, and you're still saying like it wasn't a big deal huh?"

"Goodness Xi, I was DRUNK. I didn't know a FREAKING THING OKAY. Can't you just let it go? Everyone would have their absurd drunk nights that we don't remember. It's part and parcel of life , Xi. Just let it go, alright?"

"I have my drunk nights too. But drunk nights don't always equal up to one-night-stands. And what are you, bisexual? How can you have sex with a female after sexing me up before?!"

"Gay doesn't mean bisexual, Xi."


"XIAO XI, XI CHE, BAO BEI, QING AI DE!!!" Hankyung didn't care. If Xi doesn't want to be called any names that Geng had adoringly nick-named him, all the more Geng would call him those.

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