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04 November 2009 @ 10:08 pm


  The first time they touched, was a simple brushing of shoulders. It was so quick, but Zhou Mi felt something. He felt something trigger inside him, it was… sensational. They were in the airport, having just came back from their promotional activities in China. Kyuhyun was glowing. He was happy to be back, to see the other members in Super Junior. Pushing past the M members impatiently, he wanted to snugger and complain to leader-shii, he wanted to be pampered by leader-shii. Jung Soo was just a few steps away. Gleaming with delight, he pushed past Zhou Mi, and that was when they first brushed shoulders. Zhou Mi was stunned how that touch made him shudder, made him weak in the knees, and he was bewildered by that strong desire in him to want more. He didn’t understand why. So he paced away, pushing those strange desires to the back of his mind.

  The second time they touched, it was in the little van that the company had provided to bring them from place to place during their promotional activities in China. The sitting order was always random, nothing was fixed. But somehow, Kyuhyun always ended up beside Zhou Mi. And as much as Zhou Mi didn’t want to admit, he enjoyed these rides more than he should, particularly because he was in the company of Kyuhyun. He didn’t understand why though. The conversations they held were short and awkward, with one syllable answers being muttered at some point of time throughout the ride. But that was because it was the only time (apart from their absolutely inadequate resting time in the hotel) they could rest, and most of the time, other than that hyperactive Donghae, everyone would have fallen asleep. But Zhou Mi enjoyed listening to the rhythm of Kyuhyun’s breath. It was beautiful.

  That day, Kyuhyun had fallen asleep, and the driver had been a bit reckless. As the van shook, Kyuhyun’s head landed on Zhou Mi’s shoulder, lying there, unmoving. Zhou Mi froze. Why the heck was he getting so excited and hyper suddenly? The van skidded to a stop at a sudden red light, and it shook again. This time, Kyuhyun’s body was all pressed up against Zhou Mi’s. That physical contact was unbelievable. It was like Zhou Mi could feel every part of Kyuhyun’s body. And a crazy desire, spreading across his chest was to taste each and every part. His head was cloudy, he couldn’t think clearly. How could a man make him so intoxicated, but from his pathetic history of relationships, none of those girls made him that elated, that…high. But he couldn’t think. He glanced down at Kyuhyun’s pink, pretty lips and wondered how would it feel like to press his own lips down on it. It looks pretty soft. Kind of… bouncy? It looks so tempting, so delicious, making Zhou Mi so drunk, he didn’t care if he was straight, he didn’t care about what the other members would think or react, he didn’t care if Kyuhyun were to wake up. He lowered his head and press his lips down, hard, on those puffy sumptuous lips, trying to move all around it to feel it, to taste it to the freaking fullest. He wanted to swallow it, to devour it, to lick it clean from every little freaking substance that had exist on it so that he could have the whole thing to himself. But it was hard to move around lips that don’t react back. It was like a one-sided passion.

 As though reading his mind, Kyuhyun’s eyes popped open. Well… though Mi had mistaken that reaction as passion, and had tried to move his lips even more forcefully, trying to push his tongue all the way into Kyuhyun’s throat, but of course Kyuhyun didn’t react quite well to that. He had to struggle to break free from those devilish lips, to punch Zhou Mi in the stomach so as to successfully push him back down his own seat.


“FUCK! What the heck are you doing?!”  Kyuhyun’s lips was hurting as he said this. He was so freaking angry, no one can even imagine.

“Wow.”  That was all Zhou Mi could reply. He was still in his little reverie, enjoying the after-effects of tasting such heavenly lips.


“You… OW!” 


That brought Zhou Mi back to life as he stared at the lips he had just tasted.


“Oops. I think I overdid it. They are…swollen.” Zhou Mi tried to muffle a chuckle escaping from his lips, but failed.


“Why… are you laughing? Owww…”



“I’m sorry, -giggle- it’s just that…-giggle- your lips looks so-giggle- unbelievably….-giggle- sexy.”


“Fuck you.”

 “You can, if you want to.” Zhou Mi smiled triumphantly, stretching his mouth so wide it may have already crack at the end. He wouldn’t have noticed.








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