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10 October 2009 @ 01:04 pm
Sitting alone at the back of manager oppa's car, Ryeowook stared aimlessly at the night scene outside. Seoul is beautiful. In a way that you can walk through the busy streets, but still pause to admire the dazzling street lights and interesting activities by the road. The corner of his lips curved up slightly, as he remembered how the members always gather in groups to eat by the road stalls during their training years. No one knew them then, and they could make as much noise as they want, without inviting paparazzi. They could dance along the bridges and the busy streets, and still remained unnoticed. They were so happy, so carefree. Even though the attention they were given now is a positive one, and their songs stood high and proud on top of charts, Ryeowook still missed those times. He certainly is happy now, having received so much love from the fans. However, it's undeniable that Ryeowook wished he could react freely to different incidents in his own way. Not the way people expect him to. His lips pulled down into a frown as he squirmed in his seat. The other members had surprisingly gone home early themselves, leaving Ryeowook behind. He wondered what on earth happened. He didn't like the feeling of being alone. It makes him feel empty to be away from the members. He sighed and lay back, "Who knows?" he mumbled.

Ryeowook fumbled for the key in his pocket and fished it out to plug it into the keyhole. He was terribly knackered and what he need most right now is a good night sleep. 'I hope Leeteuk hyung won't wake us up again for midnight schedules..." he murmmured to himself, "It's bad enough that he don't get sufficient sleep and even tries to get rest in between schedules...." Chick, eek. The door opened. He stepped in and felt for the switch. He flicked it on. There wasn't light. He tried again. Still, darkness. He shivered. What was happening? He couldn't see a thing in such blackness. "Hyungs? Leeteuk hyung? I need the light!" No answer.

"Yesung hyung? Light please?" No answer

"Hyungs, hyungs! Anyone there? Sungmin? No?" Not a single thing moved.

"Kyuhyun ah, you there? Don't play your game and help me! Hello? You home?" Again, no answer. Ryeowook started to panicked. What was happening?! He was about to take out his phone to call the members when suddenly the lights came on and blinded Ryeowook.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOKIE!" All the members appeared. They all had cheeky smiles on their faces as they eyed Ryeowook mischeviously.
Ryeowook covered his eyes with both hands. He slowly lowered them down and stared at the members with disbelief. He frowned and glanced at his watch. Ooooh, indeed it was his birthday...! He had forgotten all about it due to the busy Sorry Sorry promotions! He was awed by himself. "Wow, I actually forgot my own birthday...." he mumbled incoherently to himself, amazed. Leeteuk stepped out with a huge cake. The cake was amazing. It was humongous and was shaped to "SJ". The "lace" around it was sapphire blue in colour. Ryeowook grinned. "Let's sing a birthday song for our eternal maknae!" Leeteuk rallied. "One...two...three...go!" Ryeowook shut his eyes to admire the beautiful voices. The members voices were like wind chimes. 

"Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Ryeowook...."

Suddenly there were silence. Ryeowook eyes remained shut as he waited for the last line. Suddenly, he felt hands wrapping around his waist forcefully. His eyes flew opened. "Happy...Birth...day...to...you...!"
Sungmin whispered softly into Ryeowook's ears. "Saranghae, baby." Sungmin whispered as he nibbled a little on Ryeowook's ear.
Ryeowook's eyes searched the room frantically for Yesung and Kyuhyun. Yesung's face was forlorn as he stared at Sungmin. Kyuhyun was expressionless. He just stared at the RyeoMin in front of him and sighed.
"Don't mind them Wookie. It'll be just me and you today, birthday boy." Sungmin said softly.
Ryeowook nodded. "I guess so."
10 October 2009 @ 01:03 pm
"Come'on! Bounce! Yes, 1, 2 , 3, 1 bounce. 2 bounce!" Nick and Trent chanted towards the already exhausted boys.
"I can't get it... I really can't! Urrgggh!" Yesung groans loudly, annoyance thick in his voice. He slumped to the floor, a stance of defeat. All the members turned to stare at him.
"Yesung, please. We're all trying." Leeteuk said matter-of-factly while trying to keep the fatigue out of his voice.
"What?!! TRYING? Please. Eunhyuk, Donghae, Hankyung and SHINDONG! Gosh, they don't even need to TRY. They just get it at first try." Yesung shot back defensively.
Leeteuk bit his lip to restrain himself from springing and grabbing Yesung's neck to pull him up. He shut his eyes and counted slowly to three. 1...2...3...  ahh...he felt better at once. Still keeping his eyes closed, he whispered, "Ryeowook? Help Yesung up."
Ryeowook marched towards Yesung quickly, and like a child reaching for candy, he placed his hands around Yesung's arm and smiled. "Sunggie. Up, up!" Yesung was tired. Even though he really felt like giving up, since he himself know he isn't cut out for dancing. But being in Super Junior, a group which won the B-Boys championship before, how can he even not dance? Vocals? What's that. No one cares! However, that innocent smile on Ryeowook face...Yesung couldn't help but melt. Ryeowook ah...my wookie. Why so lovely?! He sighed and let himself be pulled up by the eternal maknae. "That's the spirit!" Siwon punched Yesung's arm. Yesung smiled back weakly and mumbled, "Sorry guys. Yea, so let's continue."
Nick came forward and patted Yesung's shoulder. "Man, you can do it. I believe you can."
"Hyung, you can do it!" Donghae shouted across the room.
Ryeowook gave Yesung a gentle little nudge and said, "Told ya, everyone loves you. All the more you should try harder."
Yesung took a deep breath. "I will."
"Okay, Trent, music!" Nick calls.
Sorry sorry sorry sorry~
"Yes, when you are doing the rubbing hands movement, you need to bounce," pausing in front of Leeteuk, Nick continues,"Yes, leader. Very good. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Not too much...yea. That's right!"
Leeteuk grinned triumphantly.  HE DID IT!
Slowly, every member started to get it. And with Eunhyuk, Donghae, Hankyung and Shindong's help, almost all the members had gotten the movement right. Except...the one with the most powerful vocals...our Yesung. Everyone turned to cheer Yesung on. The four core dancers helped to position his body. Nick and Trent are helping him too. However...that made Yesung even more pressurized. Ryeowook could read it from his eyes. That exhausted and blood-shot eyes. Almost nearing to tears. Yesung was indeed really stressed, and all the cheering and staring made it even worse. Ryeowook panicked. He couldn't let his lover collapse. Who cares if he forever won't get the movement? He's main in vocals. Not dancing. And he sings better than anyone else, according to Ryeowook. Super Junior is for people with super talents. And Yesung is already incredibly talented. Why force him to a corner? Ryeowook grimaced. He need to do something.
"SHUT UP ALL OF YOU! STOP CHEERING!" Ryeowook screamed. All eyes popped wide open and turned to stare at the eternal maknae. The usually quiet and innocent Ryeowook...the cheery and child-like wookie they all know... is actually screaming at them to keep quiet?
No one moved. No one talked. Suddenly, out of nowhere, came a voice, "Er, that was kind of scary..." Donghae chimed. Eunhyuk quickly clasped Donghae's mouth to shut him up. Fancy joking at this time! Leeteuk took a step forward slowly. "Wookie...you okay?"
Ryeowook took a deep breath and said, "All of you...what are all of you doing?!! Cheering at Sunggie, correcting his steps...All of you are pressurizing him! We are Super Junior. Can't you all read it from his eyes?! He's stressed. He's collapsing soon! WHY? WHY DO ALL OF YOU HAVE TO DO THAT TO HIM?! So what if he can't get the steps? He never got to stand in front and dance. He never got the chance for any dance solos. Why bother? It's hurting him, don't you all see? He has such powerful vocals, not many in our group could do it. Without him, a lot of songs would not be performed right. He has such incredible talents, and you are all forcing him to a corner!" By then, Ryeowook was already gasping for air as he huffed and puffed.
That was quite...something. Again, everyone was frozen. Even Donghae kept quiet. Nick cleared his throat. "Erm, Ryeo...wook right? Well, we're trying to help him dance better..."
Ryeowook bit his lip. WHY DOESN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND?! "There's no point in that, don't you see, Nick hyung? Yesung is exhausted. No matter how you forced him, it will not do him any good, but stress him!" Ryeowook struggled to keep his voice at normal level.
Trent sighed and whispered something to Nick. Nick nodded in agreement and turned to the boys. "Alright guys. I think it's late and all of you should be knackered right now. Go get some rest and sleep well. We'll continue tomorrow. And Yesung...we'll do it tomorrow alright? Okay so pack up and get a good night rest." Some members started to pack their stuff and others came to mumble apologies at Yesung and Ryeowook. Yesung broke through the "crowd" and reached forward to Ryeowook. He gently held on to Ryeowook's hand. Ryeowook glanced up at Yesung. "Yes?"
"Thank you, my wookie...." Yesung smiled slightly. Ryeowook returned his smile and nodded.
"Don't mention. I told you we'll always be with one another. And...I love you." Ryeowook whispered.
Yesung smiled and gently holding Ryeowook's head, he pushed it towards his chest and hugged Ryeowook tightly. "I know. You know I feel the same way. Thank you so much." Yesung leaned down and kissed Ryeowook's forehead.
10 October 2009 @ 01:01 pm
Sungmin ah." Leeteuk calls from the dining table.
Sungmin rushed to his hyung and asked cheerfully, "Yes leeteuk hyung?"
"Do you like your hair? It's...cropped so short."
"Haha, it's okay I think. So refreshing!" Sungmin flashed a smile with his ultra white bunny teeth.
"But don't you feel the...pain. The loss when you see your hair cropped so short that you can't even tie a decent ponytail..." Leeteuk sighed.
"Hyung...don't be sad.At least the fans say you're hot! My fans are hating our stylist now..." Sungmin grimaced.
Leeteuk opened his mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by a certain Kyuhyun heading for the dining room. "Hyungs! What are you both chatting about?"
Leeteuk turned to face him and answered, "Not games, duh."
Kyuhyun grinned playfully and rushed to sit beside Sungmin. He grabbed Sungmin's arm and shook it gently, as though acting cute. "Tell me, tell me!"
Sungmin frowned very slightly and pushed Kyuhyun's hands away gently. "Ew. Don't act cute. It's disgusting for someone like you." Sungmin said while giggling.
Leeteuk nodded and said, "Yes indeed. You look older than me! Hahhaha~"
"Hey! I pull our average age down... and I "supply" the games for you all..." Kyuhyun pouted.
Sungmin placed a hand on Kyuhyun's shoulder and said, "Haha, we're joking..."
Leeteuk grinned and nudged Sungmin. "You want to check out my newest composition? Wookie isn't here..." Leeteuk's smile turned into a frown.
Sungmin started to get up and follow Leeteuk to his studio when Kyuhyun grabbed his hand hastily. "Where are you going?" Kyuhyun demanded.
"To hyung's studio. Maybe I can think of lyrics too~" Sungmin gazed at a distance and his eyes seemed to be lost in a thousand directions as he thought of the works he can produce...
"I say no."
Sungmin jerked back to reality and stared at the younger man. "What?"
"I say no. No, you're not spending your day in that studio."
Sungmin's eyebrows furrowed and he looked at Kyuhyun, bewildered. "Why not?"
"You're spending the day with me. Me." Kyuhyun said solemnly.
Sungmin still didn't get it. "For what?"
Kyuhyun's face was transformed into a look of annoyance. "Urgh. Just, just stay with me okay?"
Sungmin stared at him for a moment...ahhh, finally. He got it. "Aw, my kyu..." He touched Kyuhyun's face softly.
Kyuhyun leaned his face towards Sungmin's hand, thus making it so that Sungmin was actually holding his face.
"Kyu...why not we go together to hyung's studio? He's really lonely." 
Kyuhyun bit his lip uneasily.
Sungmin sighed. "Okay, okay. I'll tell hyung I'll view his compostition tomorrow. "
Kyuhyun's face immediately lit up and he hugged Sungmin tightly. "You're mine...get it? Mine. Only." Kyuhyun whispered.
Sungmin sighed. This boy.... he thought. "Fine...I'm yours." Sungmin smiled.
10 October 2009 @ 01:00 pm
"Ahhh...it's been nice being here with you all. I'm Teukie teukie," Leeteuk said into the mike
"And I'm Jewel guy." Eunhyuk said with a smile.
"Thank you for tuning in to kiss the radio..." and in unison, "Muuuu...acccckks."
-music starts playing-
"Woooshh~ another long day!" Leeteuk slumped back and stretched.
Eunhyuk threw his strawberry milk into the small waste basket under the table and grinned, "Hahah, want to go anywhere before heading back to the domitory?"
Leeteuk stood up and as he was about to open his mouth to speak, he glanced through the glass pane, and saw something. Leeteuk shook his head and smiled. "Haha, I think not. Someone has come to pick you up."
Eunhyuk glanced up from the bag he was packing and raised his eyebrows at Leeteuk. "Pick me up?"
Leeteuk nodded. "Mmhmm. Look outside."
Eunhyuk turned to look though the glass pane. Ahh, sure enough, leaning against the wall, eyes closed, with his earphones plugged in was Donghae, displaying a perfect stance of ease.
The corner of Eunhyuk's lips curved up as he grinned widely. "Oh."
Leeteuk carried his bag and a milky white sweater on one arm and patted Eunhyuk's shoulder. "I'll go back to the dorm first. You two don't hang out too late!" He turned and headed for the door.

Upon hearing the sound of the door opening, Donghae was jerked awake from his little slumber. His eyes flew opened as he stepped forward to his hyung. "Wheee hyung!" He wrapped his arms around the skinny waist of Leeteuk. Leeteuk turned and asked, "What? I thought you were listening to music? How come you can hear the door opening?"
"Who said I was? I'm just having a little nap."
"Huh? The earplugs..."
"I don't want people to disturb me."
"Oh. Okay you better let me go right now and go pick your Eunhyuk."
"Lalalala~ hyunnnnggg~~~" Donghae hugged Leeteuk tightly.
"Ah, you're soo irritating." Leeteuk complained.
Donghae gave his hyung a cheshire cat grin and let go. "Okay. Bye hyung, see you later at dorm!"
Leeteuk smiled slightly and shook his head. These kids...

Donghae pushed the slightly ajar door open and stepped into the studio. Eunhyuk looked up and smiled. "What are you doing here, may I know?" Donghae skipped to Eunhyuk's side and slid into the chair next to Eunhyuk. "Wreck havoc! Weeehee!"
"Hey then I suppose you better leave now..." Eunhyuk said while trying to hide his grin.
"No way man. Even if I need to leave, I need to abduct you first. Ahahaha!" Donghae smiled widely.
Eunhyuk stood up very slowly. He sling his bag on one arm and put on his beanie. He looked down at the still sitting Donghae and yelled, "NOT A CHANCE! WAHAHA.!" he turned and bursted through the door.
Donghae groaned. "Ahh, wait till I get'chia!"
10 October 2009 @ 12:57 pm
"I'm back!" Eunhyuk threw his shoes on the floor and staggered into the dorm lazily.

"Welcome home!" Leeteuk looked up from a pile of documents at the coffee table. He was sitting on the floor while sorting out some documents in the living room. Eunhyuk paused and glanced over, " Hah, thanks. Where's Hae?" Turning back to the papers, Leeteuk answered, "I don't know, probably in his room. Don't you two dare fool around!" By then, Eunhyuk had already flew to Donghae's room in lightning speed. He flung the door opened and yelled, "Hae! Hae!" He looked around the room. "Lee Donghae!" he tried again. Donghae poked his head out from the far side of his bed. "What?" Eunhyuk grinned widely and rushed to sit beside him.

"My noona called today!"
Donghae raised his eyebrows [in the Siwon way xD] "And so...?"
Eunhyuk frowned disapprovingly. "You are supposed to be enthusiastic since I'm so happy!"
"But I don't even know what your noona... okay I guess it doesn't matter. So what did she say?" Donghae asked brightly.
Eunhyuk smiled contentedly and said, " She said my dad finally accepted the fact that I'm gay!"
"What?! You are?!"
"Huh, I'm your boyfriend!"
"Ohmy, how come I didn't know?!!!"
"Haha, okay calm down love. That was a joke." Donghae flashed a smile and pulled Eunhyuk closer to him. "Now they'll be no one to stop us from loving each other..."
Eunhyuk sighed and layed his head on Donghae shoulder. "Hae ya..."
"Hmm?" Donghae mummured sexily.
"But my noona said something else..."
Donghae sat up immediately and asked uneasily, "What did she say?"
"She said... she said she thinks you're kind of cute..."
Donghae smiled mischeviously as he knew what Eunhyuk is getting at. He pretended not to notice and asked, "So?"
"So ah, erm, so... you're cute? Er, i mean, er i mean she thinks you're cute!"
"And... what's wrong with that?"
Eunhyuk stared at Donghae wide-eyed, and pushed him roughly. "EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT! EVERY FREAKING BLOODY THING IS WRONG! HMPH!"
Donghae was taken aback by his lover's reaction and hastily grabbed Eunhyuk's hand. "Shush calm down, baby. Shh." He pulled him into his chest again and hugged him gently.

"Sniff sniff..."
"Ah, omg, are you crying my little hyukkie?" Donghae whispered softly into Eunhyuk's ear. "Aw, don't cry baby, I'm sorry..." He stroked Eunhyuk's face gently to wipe his tears away.
"Donghae... you know what I'm getting at. You knew it right... " Eunhyuk croaked between sniffs.
"Yes I know love... You're jealous..." Donghae stuggled to hide his smile and continued, "Dont be, hyukkie... You know I only love you."
"But I'm a man... I can't give you children that you have always dream to have. What if one day my noona and you fall in love and... AHH..." Eunhyuk burst into tears.
"Shh... hush hush. I may love children... but I love you more. You know I won't like your noona, or any other girls! I love only you. Only my little hyukkie!" Donghae pulled Eunhyuk up until he was facing him.
Eunhyuk nodded contentedly and leaned forward. Donghae answered his request by leaning forward and in a flash, his mouth was on Eunhyuk's.
10 October 2009 @ 12:55 pm
He sunk in deeper into his comfortable, fluffy, white arm chair while hugging on to his life-size soft toy of himself in cartoon form, which was given to him as a gift from a China fan who fall in love with his look in Pajama Party. He rested his face into his "twin's" head, as he slowly breathed in the scent of the twin. Well, it was nothing special. Just the smell of the fragrant bag in his room.

It was raining outside.

He could see the rain outside going "split pat, split pat", beating down rythmnically against his full length window. The rain was beatiful. It was more beautiful than anything in the world right now. All he needed was some life, some noise. Some sounds to make him feel alive. And right when he needed it, the rain came and provided him with life. He smiled against his "twin's" head. Who was he kidding? The rain provided him with life? No! It wasn't suficient. At all. Or was it more apt to say, the rain was nothing to him. It was just the way nature works. How can the rain be compared to his darlings? His babies that he had cared for so many years?

The drop of tear that was being held back for so long was finally released. It flowed down, slowly down his smooth face, as if a child sliding down a slide happily. It was advancing faster than it was supposed to. Like a child. Child... child...child. His babies. Again, another tear was released. This one was faster. It was so fast that many many more drop of tears started pouring down. He placed his "twin" on his lap to keep it clean from his tears. His babies...the members. Very slowly... he fell onto his knees... and let out a cry that was choked up for so long. Finally, he cried. "Babies yahhh. Leeteuk hyung miss youuuuuu!" The cry was dragged, it was long... and lifeless. Almost deadly. His voice cracked in every syllabus. And left it hanging when the sentence ended. He was alone. Awfully alone. And he felt so sad, so lonely. He wanted his members to come back into his arms. Everyone was separated. Everyone was away. Why did SM have to torture them? To torment them into such a dreadful fate? Sub-grps... what a hateful thing. He hated the word. He loathed it. Sub-grps caused them to be separated. The 13 can't be together anymore. They are supposed to be together... isn't it? For a moment, he even hated his dosaengs, Henry and Zhoumi. The two "intruders" that some E.L.Fs considered them as.
They are part of the super junior family. They are also my babies. What am I thinking?!
The thought quickly disappeared. It was exchanged with a tinge of sadness that was double of what he just experienced. With utter helplessness, he leaned against the leg of his arm chair and wept. The more he wept, the more his head felt cloudy. In front of him, pictures of the members fooling around with each other appeared. They were so happy, so blissful. But what was happening now? SJ-M was sent to China. K.R.Y was sent to America for the Korean festival. If not because activities of SJ-T in Japan was cancelled, he too, would be in another country with only some of the members. All the same, they were separated.

Suddenly, he heard the door unbolt, as someone came in to the house. "Ahh... what kind of weather is this... " Kangin groaned. He shooked his body as beads of water droplets fall from his leather jacket. "Hyung ahh... " he looked up and saw Leeteuk with that helpless stance, crying. Axiety sprang into his eyes and he tried to grasp what was happening. He took each step forward slowly, deliberating. Does he want to frighten the older man even more? No, how can he frighten his lover... no! He took his step back again, standing there, like an idiot.

Very slowly, Leeteuk looked up and saw Kangin standing, staring at him. Leeteuk blinked and faked a smile. "Kangin ahh... why standing there like a retard? Haha." The laugh at the back was forced. It was so unreal that Kangin panicked. He rushed to the older man's side. "Teukie hyung... what happened...? Your face... so blotchy..." he trailed off.

" Kangin ya, I miss the members... our darlings..." Leeteuk whispered. Kangin hands fall to his side and nodded dumbly. He too, missed the members badly. He looked up again, and brought the older man into a embrace. "Everything will be fine after the sub-groups activities ended. We will invite them to your house. And we will have a major sleepover. Ya? Don't cry, teukie... You have me... They will soon come home. Our babies..."

Leeteuk nodded a little, and shut his eyes. Together, the two silently watched the rain as they held on to each other's hands, grateful for the prescence of the other.
10 October 2009 @ 12:49 pm
Hankyung pulled the blankets over him and shut his eyes. It had been a long day, filming YYMM and even having schedules after that, like interviews and stuff. However, he couldn't sleep. He didn't see Heechul the whole day. He was lazing around at home, refusing to go to YYMM, and isn't present on today's interviews too. Why? Out of all the members, only Hankyung knows the reason.
Heechul misses Kibum. Badly.
Kibum doesn't live with them anymore, and he doesn't appear together with them too.
To avoid having to face the fact that the host have to say, "There's 12 here. Kibum is not here with us today" It was painful for Heechul. He didn't like it when Kibum was being picked out, like he wasn't part of Super Junior, separated from the rest. 
In fact, Kibum is still very attached with Super Junior. He just couldn't miss opportunities he have now. Even though it's just a small thing, but being Heechul, he just couldn't take it when Kibum was being picked out. He thinks it'll be better if the host was to say, "There's 11 here. Kibum and Heechul is not with us today." At least there's a companion for dear Kibum.
Thinking all these, Hankyung was really melancholic. He craves for Heechul's voice screaming at him, for having the chance to see Heechul. 
"crreeek" Hankyung's door suddenly unbolt as someone stepped in quietly.
Hankyung didn't care who that was. He thought it was probably just Leeteuk hyung checking on his "kids" if they were sleeping well. Ahh, Leeteuk hyung didn't get enough sleep himself....
Again, Hankyung sighed.

Suddenly, he felt someone flung his blanket up and slipped beside him. He couldn't make out who it was. The figure was blurred as he wasn't wearing his specs, nor his contacts.
"Why are you sighing?" A voice whispered into Hankyung's ear.
Hankyung smiled.
"Heechul ahh..." he turned his head, making so that he and Heechul are facing each other on his bed.
"Tell me, tell me...!" Heechul persisted.
"Nothing hyung, just thinking about...stuff." Hankyung reassured the older man.
"You're thinking too much, Hannie." Heechul frowned, "You need to get some rest."
"But you aren't letting me rest..." Hankyung whispered.
"Anyway..." Heechul started. Hankyung smiled. He just knew Heechul won't let him off. "What's that on YYMM eh? China F4? Pfft!"
"Why? I thought that was quite a handful. Don't you think it suits me?"
"No. You're much more than a pathetic F4! You're like glitters...shimmering in the night..." Heechul's eyes were dancing with excitement as he sat up and used exaggerated hand gestures. "You know, like sparking stars...that light up South Korea!"
Hankyung sat up too. He grinned and said, "You may be a little bit overly-biased."
"No, that's not it! It's just like what intimate mate said, you're a miracle!"
Hankyung chuckled silently in the darkness. He touched Heechul's face gently and stroked it back and forth. "Aww...why didn't you come with us on YYMM...it would be so much fun..."
"You know why, Hannie. You know why." Heechul pulled back, annoyed.
Hankyung used his index finger and raised Heechul's jaw up gently. "Sorry baby. But...it really would be much funnier with you around..!"
"I'm not a gag comedian," Heechul said, feigning anger. "And...you just want me to go so I'll help you get more broadcast time right? Idiot!"
"I thought that's what you're always asking me to do...getting more broadcast time?" Hankyung asked, with fake curiosity.
Heechul bit his lip and pouted. "Ahh, stupid cheena man." Heechul groaned while giggling.
Hankyung threw his head back and laughed. "You should get some sleep, princess." He brought Heechul closer and whispered, "And I forgot to say, I love you."
Heechul smiled contentedly and head for the door. "Goodnight." And in a softer volume, "You know I feel the same way."
10 October 2009 @ 12:44 pm
Random drabble~~

Beijing Fried Rice

"Kyunggie! I want pork ribs!" Heechul calls from his room, eyes never leaving the computer. How right is Eunhyuk....Chul seems more like a netizen than an artiste. Hankyung enters his lover's room and gazed at him fondly.
"Kyunggie! Did you hear me? I said I want..." he spinned around and trailed off.
"Oh.I thought you were in your room. Yea, so anyway I want pork ribs." Heechul said playfully. Hankyung stepped forward and wrapped Cinderella's waist. He lowered his head into Chul's hair and breathed in the scent.
"Kyunggie~...I'm really hungry..."Heechul moaned.
"You can eat me." Hankyung murmmured.
Chul break into a grin and replied, "I know you have meaty limbs..."
"Gah. You little one, always ranting about my limbs..." Hankyung smiled.
Heechul turned his head to face Hankyung. "Kyunggie...my kyunggie..." he stroked the younger man's face gently.
"I changed my mind. I want beijing friend rice..."
Hankyung raised his eyebrows.
"Why the sudden change of mind?"
"Beijing fried rice...is you. I want to eat what you cook."
"I can cook pork ribs too"
"No. Beijing fried rice is the real you..."
Hankyung smiled and pecked Rella's right cheek. "Okay then. I'll be right back." Hankyung turned to head for the door, thought for a moment and turned back. "Chul, want to help me out in the kitchen?"
Heechul nodded cheerfully and danced to the kitchen.
10 October 2009 @ 01:57 am
Title: The Dream
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Pardon me for language errors~
Summary: Park Jung Soo's roller-coaster-ish love story with Mi-En, a girl with big dreams that she couldn't easily attain...
⇒ Chapters
One [x]
Two [x]
Three [x]
Four [x]
Five [x]
Six [x]

10 October 2009 @ 01:56 am
One Shot

Title: Birthday
Rating: G
Warning: I'm sorry, but I don't really like this pairing, so this pairing features at the very end of the story, and most parts of the story features only Ryeowook's thoughts.
Summary: It's someone's birthday. But he didn't remember it.