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FANFICS. raps. lyrics.

fanfics for now

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fanworks on Super Junior ~
☆ xuanniiexism

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☆ xuanteuk

Community created by xuanniiexism, dedicated to making fanworks on Super Junior mainly. Mostly literature/languages/words stuff. FANFICTIONS . RAPS . LYRICS as for now, existence of graphics is undecided yet. All of these is for pure pleasure, if there seems to be instances of copying, or replicas of real life events, it's all purely due to coincidence. No offense is intended. If any part of this comm infringed the copyright law, or any part of this comm belongs to you and I took it without permission, it would be greatly appreciated if you would to inform/contact me in any means possible immediately. Older fanfics used to be from xuanniiex. But everything has been moved here. All are welcome to JOIN|WATCH! Comments are loved and appreciated greatly, from the bottom of my heart. Be nice, be nice, be nice! :D If you find it difficult to do that, you're more than welcome to leave♥. !IMPORTANT:I will not tolerate bashings of any, and by that I mean HENRY AND ZHOUMI TOO, of the members. No matter what stance you take, when you're here, NO BASHING. Criticsms are most welcome though♥. My stuff can be translated/taken out if I didn't state that it can't be. Enjoy your stay. 사랑해♥.
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