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10 October 2009 @ 01:06 pm
The Dream chapt 1  
The Dream

"Ah, this is bad. I'm running late for that stupid audition!" I mumbled. I looked around the bus which was packed with people and glanced at the traffic. My audition is starting in 15mins flat and I'm still in the bus, staring at the traffic desperately to get it moving. "As if staring would be any of use." I sighed. The bus crept forward slowly... and I slumped back, hopeless.

Holding the hanger of my outfit, covered by the black protective cover, I bumped around SM Entertainment building looking for the audition hall with my black leather bag bobbing on my shoulder. Beads of perspiration dripped down my forehead and I panicked. It's an audition to find the next member for WonderGirls! How can I possibly got picked when I'm looking like this? Wrecked and sweating?!!! I have not even put on my make-up and change into the outfit. "Whatthehell, whatthehell, whatthehell..." I chanted.

"AUDITION FOR THE 6TH MEMBER OF WONDERGIRLS." printed in black ink on green paper was tacked onto the door of the audition hall. I smiled triumphantly as I pushed the door open quietly, afraid if I'll disturb the others who are also in the audition. I heaved a sigh of relief as I glanced around, everyone was either practicing their item for the last time or putting on make-up, some smoothing their outfits. I found the changing room and rushed in, afraid to be late for another second. When I stepped out of the changing room and sat down, ready to put on my make-up, i heard whispering from two girls behind. "Hey, do you think wondergirls will be our judges?" the first girl whispered.
"If that's true, then wouldn't that be superb? Facing our idols face-to-face?" the second girl chimed in, enthusiasm building in her voice.
I took no notice and applied powder onto my face. "Superb?! SanHo! We are auditioning to JOIN THEM. And if they are present, wouldn't it be even more scary to everyone else? Auditioning in front of our idols?!"the first girl cried.
Sanho grew quiet. No, suddenly, everyone grew quiet. I raised my eyebrows. Did something happened?

"Girls, our audition will begin in just a couple of minutes. Please follow me and I'll lead you to the audition room," a man in blacksuit, I assume, the manager of WonderGirls, called out in a loud and clear voice. I gasped and checked my face out quickly. It looks okay. Except I have not really finish putting on my make-up. I bit my lip. "You still need a little bit of blush and you will look perfect," a tiny voice whispered behind. I turned. A girl my age, with hair cropped short, smiled at me.
"Er, thanks." I smiled back timidly.
"Welcome. Oh, and hi, I'm Li Shunho." she offered her hand. I took her hand and replied"Hi, I'm Kim MiEn. Nice to meet you."

I applied a little blush on my cheeks, just like Shunho had suggested and grinned widely. I do look good, even though I'm saying this to myself. Shunho and I walked abreast, towards the audition room, and faced our destiny.

Once in the room, the man who I assumed was Wonder Girls’ manager, rearranged us according to our registration numbers. Of course, being one of the latest, I was at the back. Surprisingly, Shunho was right in front of me.

“Hi again,” she smiled. I laughed and grinned back.

“Girls, listen up. Let me introduce myself. I’m “SM auditions” in-charge, Kim Yoochun,” oh, so the man in the black suit was not Wonder Girls’ manager… He continued, “Now, we will call out names to get into the private room, where the audition will take place.”

“Who’s the judges?” I heard Sanho called out.

Yoochun smiled and said, “That’s where I’m getting to. Be patient, girl. SM Entertainment won’t recruit impatient girls. Now, SuperJunior and Wonder Girls’ manager will be on the judges’ panel. Wonder Girls’ will only be present at the next round of audition which we will only choose 30 out of the 100 or so here. Wonder Girls’ will have an interview with the 30 girls chosen and they will choose 5 out of the 30, to get into the 3rd round of audition.” Murmurs began to arouse around me. YooChun glanced around, and asked, “Is that understood?” Everyone nodded, and as he turned to walk into the private room, chatters began.

“Super Junior? Oh my god?! We are facing them face-to-face?! One-on-one?!” a girl with blond hair shrieked. I turned to Shunho and mumbled, “I’m very nervous.”

“Because of SuperJunior?” she asked.

“Yes. I’ve been a fan of them and WonderGirls since a long time ago…”I trailed off.

“Would you be as nervous if it was WonderGirls?”

I thought for a moment. “I don’t think so. Maybe it’s because it’s human instinct for girls to want to impress guys. So… that should explain why everyone is so nervous.”

“Is that so? I don’t feel nervous. Even though I am a fan of them. Or… do you have a crush on a particular member?” she teased.

I blushed and replied, “Just a fan, a fan!”

She laughed.

The line in front of me is almost cleared as one by one they were being called into the private room. Just 2 more in front of Shunho. I slumped down onto the floor and cupped my face. “Are you pouting?” Shunho asked with fake curiosity.

“Yeah, and sulking.” I grimaced.

“Aw, it’s not that bad! The line is almost cleared and it would be your turn soon! Oh, and if you continue cupping your face and sulking around, your make-up will soon be smeared and messed up and you will look really bad to face your idols,” she furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head.

“Fine,” I gave in. I stood up and that was when YooChun walked out and called, “Li Shunho.” I squeezed her hand and mouthed, “Good luck.” She returned a nod and walked confidently into the private room.

15 minutes passed and YooChun walked out again. “Kim Mien.” I blinked and tried to accustom to what he was saying. Oh! Was he calling me? In an instant, I came to life and followed him into the room. Shunho passed by me and squeezed my hand. I really did need some luck.

Once in the room, the cool air-conditioner hit me almost immediately. My waist-length black hair swayed just a little bit. I stepped forward, into the view of the judges. “Ow!” I stumbled upon a wire. You clumsy bimbo! What would the judges think?! A small voice inside my head screamed. I got up and walked as confidently as I could managed, to the center of the stage.

“Hi, Mien.” I recognized the voice at once. It was Kangin.

“Hi.” I smiled shyly.

“So where are you from?” he asked.

“South Korea, Seoul.” I replied.

“But you look… different from the others.” Another voice said.

“Yes, Leeteuk. I do look different from the others. I’m born in Seoul, but my mum is half English, half Irish. My dad is Korean.” I explained softly.

“So you are Eurasian?” Sungmin asked, curiosity deep in his voice.

“Yes, I am Eurasian. But my roots are in Korea. So I speak Korean the most.” I answered, opening up.

“You look beautiful.” Leeteuk commented. I blushed. Not sure what to reply. Kangin nudged him in the ribs and said, “Hey, don’t mind him. He’s a bit… you know, swoon over pretty girls.” I laughed and said, “You are associated with alchohol and women too! The other members always mention that when all of you are in variety shows.”

“Hey, so you are a fan of us?” Siwon grinned and his dimples are absolutely mesmerizing.

I nodded and flashed them a smile. “You are 22, from South Korea, currently a teacher cum student. Is that right?” a man sitting at the far end asked while looking at my profile. He should be the manager-oppa, I thought.

“That is right.” I answered.

“Hmm. A teacher huh? You must be smart." Shindong chimed in. 

I flushed crimson.

“Alright, enough guys. Now, let’s start the audition. Your item is…” the manager-oppa glanced down at my profile, “‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls. Okay, you may start.”